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Combating Your Most Pressing Financial and Time Management Problems


   Most people have more to do in a day than the day allows. When 24 hours isn’t enough time to get everything done, how do you make a dent in your list? The problem may not be the length of your checklist; it may be your time management skills. Whether you want to scale your business with help from Innovia CMC or simply be more productive at work, here’s how to beat your biggest time management issues.

Problem: Sabotaging Your Schedule

Have you ever missed a doctor’s appointment, a phone meeting with your lawyer, or a hair salon appointment? Probably not. The truth is, most people value other people’s time more than they value their own time. To be a high-achiever, you have to have a healthy dose of integrity. Your time matters too! To stop standing in your own way, think about the tasks that are truly important to you. Don’t do anything else until those tasks are complete. This may mean putting other people second, but it also means putting yourself first.

Problem: Treating Your Body Poorly

Do you treat your body like the temple it is? If you treat it more like a waste disposal, you’re probably not fueling it well enough to keep up with the lifestyle you want. When you get too little sleep, skip your workout, and eat junk all day, you’re practically forcing it to be sluggish. How can you expect to be efficient when your body’s lagging behind? Maintaining a health lifestyle will give you the energy to get through your tasks quickly, which will free up more time in your day.

Problem: Failing to Set Boundaries

You love the people in your life, from your loyal clients to your family members. However, that doesn’t mean they should unrestricted access to you. With social media, not to mention a phone that has e-mail, texting, and phone calls all in one, it’s practically required to always be accessible. This can be a drain on your well-being, though. Plus, it becomes a distraction when you really try to buckle down on your own projects. Set limits. If you’re reading, working on a creative project, working out, or doing whatever it is on me-only time, your e-mailing, texting, and calling friends can wait. When it comes to clients, set realistic availability timeframes.

By simply recognizing your time management weaknesses, you can come up with strategies to defeat them!